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26 July 2008 @ 03:53 pm
Mi Querida,

There was rarely a day that went by that Marisol couldn't find a minute or two to write. She'd told him that she would write as often as she could. Some days it was easier to find that spare minute than others.

I hope this letter finds you well. There have been movements on the front, as you well know. Word is slow to get back and even though I know I shouldn't, I worry about my family. There's a small part of me that feels cowardly for being here in the Bastillion, but I know I have my role and my duties to perform.

No matter how hard she tried to keep talk of war out of her letters, they always found a way into them. It was hard to avoid talking about that which surrounded her every moment of every day. So, a few words would leak there way in, but she tried hard to keep things to a minimum.

Despite the smoke in the distance, the sunsets remain beautiful. A good friend of mine once told me to appreciate things like a beautiful sunset. The soft sound of rain. Amazing how I find myself doing things like that a bit more often that before. For example, there's a new flower in the garden. In all my years wandering through the gardens, I'd never seen it before. Or maybe it'd always been there and I just never noticed it until now. Perhaps, one day I'll show it to you. Share a sunset. The gardens are nice during a sunset.

Part of that was wishful thinking, that his patrols around the Bastillion and her meanderings would cross in the gardens. Part of it was a hint of a message that she'd be there if his patrols ever sent him that way.

I miss the taste of a sweet strawberry and other fruits that have since become a bit scarce. I enjoy a good plate of fruit on occasion. It's not my favorite food, but it's right up there with a few other items. What's your favorite food? If you could have anything you wished to eat, what is it you would ask for? Perhaps I'll learn to cook it.

Marisol tried to share a little bit of herself in each letter she sent. Small things such as her favorite color (red), favorite time of day (sunrise, sunset). Small stories of when she was growing up ranging from the first time she held a knife in her hand to the time she had a kitten that would catch mice and try to teach her how to catch mice as well. Little tidbits that would allow him to get to know her a bit better. Focus on something other than the war around them.

I do hope all is well, that you are safe and content. I look forward to the day where our paths will cross.

Know that I love you.


She cut a small lock of her hair, tied a red ribbon around the lock and placed it and a dried hibiscus flower from the gardens in a small handkerchief. Carefully, she folded the handkerchief containing the contents and placed everything in an envelope. The letter would then be sent on its way.
27 June 2008 @ 10:51 am
~Why does it always seem to rain during a war? Whene'er ye had somewhere that ye needed to be there always seemed to be something to 'inder getting there.~ These thoughts crept through Rori's mind as he rode his Andalusian from the command post. He had to spread the word about the new weapon the Spanish were utitlizing. The news of the initial attacks would no doubt have spread through the ranks but these had to be confirmed, the men needed to know what they were combatting and heaven forbid had to know of some way to protect themselves.
The sounds of conflict rang out all around Rori as he rode along, heading towards another section of the battlefield. There were men here, most getting a moments reprieve it seemed from the conflict as they sat, slumped on the ground. Some were getting themselves bandaged up, others helping them, more still checking their rifles and weapons to ensure that they would work properly when the fighting would start again. The bodies of many comrades were pulled away from the others, sheets covering most as others who had just been brought in from the battlefield had the grim visages of when death took hold of them. Rori's eyes closed for a moment as he offered them a silent prayer for their sacrifice as his horse galloped along.
A short way from there Rori was stopped by a soldato covered in dirt and dust. His hand held up as he hoped his superior would hold long enough for him to speak.
"Sir!" The young man giving a salute as Rori returned it, the young man then dropping his hand, drips of water pouring off his sleeve.
"We've reports sir that this small reprieve of fighting is about to end. We spotted a great deal of movement a few minutes ago. It looks like they're moving something with them but we couldn't make it out exactly. We've got some scouts trying to get a look to report back." The young man spoke with a voice raw from early yelling, no doubt from a previous battle. Rori himself looked out at the field that was adorned with the marks of battle. A slow sigh came out of him before he returned his attention to the young soldier.
"Get me as much information as ye can ta take back ta report. Ah'm continuin on wit word tha be needin ta get ta yer superior." The young man nodded quickly at his superior's orders. Rori wheeled his horse a bit, coaxing it onwards. Just as the horse was about to break into a trot it happened. At first it sounded like a distant whistle that grew louder as seconds seemed to slow. Rori looked up to see a small speck in the sky start to become larger, heading straight for a nearby trench. He kicked the horse's flanks, having it pickup speed as the object made impact with a loud thud, imbedding itself into the ground just before the trench. He already knew what it was as it landed and sure enough as he neared he saw the compartments open like in the description he had received. The bees began to swarm out, almost creating a cloud as they swarmed about. Men started to scream in the trench as gunshots could start to be heard. some of the screams becoming muffled as the bees were obviously doing as they were designed. Rori started to feel his stomach start to lurch as he couldn't help but think of what might be occuring. Already he knew that it was too late.
A few minutes later Rori was witness to the carnage wrought from the weapon, the sight of so many soldiers and officers sprawled about in the trench was almost more then he could bear witness to. A hankerchief was poised over his nose and mouth now to try and staunch some of the smells that were coming from the bodies reaching his nostrils with little success. The bodies of some bees were about on the ground, no doubt passing away after doing their work, still other bees seeming to be stuck within the bodies. Rori's eyes began to mist from the savagry in which this weapon worked, but he managed to keep his composure.
In the distance he could hear the sound of troops on the move from behind him. As he turned, pistol drawn and hammer pulled back around the corner came the same soldier that he had spoken with earlier. The young man looked stunned at the scene as other men came up behind him, moving about and starting to re-assert the military presence while still others began the task of collecting the bodies and trying as best as they could to clean up. For Rori it seemed like everything was going in slow motion as he placed his pistol back in its holster and moved past the young man who still stood dumbfounded at the scene.
"Get yerself ready, ah not be surprised if tha fightin be about ta begin." As if on cue a sound of gunfire erupted from further down the trench. Rori turned about at the sound as the young man still stood frozen. Rori's hand moved to grab to young man, wheeling him about and looking him in the eye.
"Snap outta it man! If'n we're ta make it through this ye need ta 'ave yer head on straight. Understood?" The young man was looking fearful at the Teniente's reaction and words, tears already starting to streak his face as he tried to regain his composure and nod.
"Y...yes sir..." The young man moving back the way he'd come, out of Rori's sight, the sounds of gunfire becoming increasingly more frequent as he stood there for a moment before pulling his pistol out of it's holster. He checked his ammo, making sure all of his equipment was in place before heading in the direction of the gunfire. If he was to get word out, he would need to help clear a path first.
11 June 2008 @ 01:30 am
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