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Steampunk Roleplaying Game
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The Age of Steam takes place 85 years in the past, but the history's not the same. In this parallel universe, magic has dramatically altered the world. Technology is fifty years behind, favoring clockwork and steam power over internal combustion or electricity. Canada and the American Northeast are locked in an endless winter, while the Midwest is now the Wastelands, the result of the Dust Bowl with a dark, magical twist. While many nations that would be familiar to us have fallen or grown weak, others have grown strong. In the midst of all of this is a small island nation in what we would recognize as southern Louisiana and Mississippi. Separated from the Wastelands, political enemies, and allies by its magically constructed barrier swamps, la Nouvelle-Orleans is considered a beacon of prosperity and democracy only by those who live there. To the rest of the world, it is an isolated nation plagued by magic and the spiritual world.

General Community Rules

This is not a speschul snowflake club. This is an adult community that does things maturely. You’ve been allowed access to the site because of the level of your maturity. You’ve told LiveJournal that you are 18, which is the age of Adulthood in the US. You’re an adult, and you’re expected to behave like one. That being said, if you:

  • Post a moderator’s or another player’s personal contact information here to ‘black list them’;
  • Whine, bitch, and complain like a child instead of solving the issue like a respectful adult (either by discussing with the offending person or ignoring them altogether);
  • Advertise your own RPG community;
  • Post any scenes written in poor taste;
  • Post with any restricted character types (Gods, Angels, Demons, Full-blooded PC Outlander types);
  • Delete comments for anything other than spelling/html errors;
  • Troll this journal;
  • Post images that are greater than the restrictions of 100x100 (for LJ icons) and 400x400 and 50k for signature icons; or
  • Do anything that goes against LiveJournal’s ToS
  • Cause any kind of twinkery that makes role-playing unenjoyable for the general populace -

    YOU WILL BE BANNED. End of story.

    That being said, here are a few more rules set up to make this a happy, creative place for RP. If problems keep popping up, we will be forced to add restrictions to the community, and we don't think many people will enjoy that. We know we won't.

  • We function by a "good taste" clause. What is that, you wonder? Basically, we are a PG-13 rating in regards to sexuality, but the realities of violence, crime, war, discrimination and adult language are acceptable, which makes us a Mature Community. Players may be asked to move their scenes from LiveJournal to AIM/Email/Other Instant Messengers out of respect to others.

  • Only players above the age of 18 allowed.

  • Only approved members may role-play in this community.

  • ALL ENTRIES MUST BE MEMBERS-PROTECTED. If we have to get on your case repeatedly about making your entries members-protected, you will be banned. Generally, we’re a bit lenient, but doing shit repeatedly won’t make us want to keep your membership.

  • Tags must be used to indicate play. When role-playing, please use the names of the characters involved for the tags.

  • Players must use tags to indicate whether the thread involves OOC information instead of IC, as a way to separate the play from the out of character threads. We suggest using the tag "Resources" as it can involve anything from icons, references, and pictures – all out of character information.

  • Label threads OPEN if you want random characters to join; CLOSED if the scene is not a free-for-all.

  • Personal information about other players, flaming other players, and all other sorts of twinkery should not be posted here. Create drama and you'll be banned from the LiveJournal. Please be respectful to others.

    Active role-playing is required in this community to continue being a member. A lapse of a month without participating will be grounds for removal.

  • LiveJournal icons are 100x100. Players may post larger pictures of their characters in their signatures. # Picture limits are 400 x 400 pixels, no larger than 50k. Pictures must use real people for the models rather than drawings. An antiqued look is recommended, but not required. Models can be claimed once an email is sent to the community maintainers. All pictures must fit within the good taste clause of the room. Pictures involving nudity--either implied or graphic--visible underwear, or inappropriate poses are not allowed and are grounds for banning. LiveJournal icons are 100x100.

  • THIS IS NOT A JOURNAL TO ADVERTISE YOUR OWN RPG. Doing so will involve immediate bannage.

    As far as the above rules, if somebody is being explicitly offensive, we will read what they've written and decide whether it's worth banning. Please email us, Mori and Caerie, at 4goodrpclickhere@gmail.com if there's something that we definitely need to look at.

    Character Creation Rules

    Character Creation can be found on the homepage as well as here. The Homepage contains more resources to help our players adjust to the alternative setting and parallel world.

  • Character sheets are not required. However, we’ve found that people are more inclined to request role-play when they know something about the characters. If you want to create a character sheet, but don’t want to write much, let people at least know what the character can do. People begin to fear god-moders and twinks when they don’t know what skills and magic a character has.

  • Players are responsible for finding a place to post their own sheets, whether it be on their own LiveJournal, website, or on the wiki that we’ve set up. Character sheets are optional.

  • Here, a character’s special abilities are known as MAGIC, not POWERS. Please refer to them as such.

  • The term Psychomancers refer to any characters with psychic abilities. Currently, we don’t have any restrictions on these. We trust players to know their limits and not god-mode. Repeated problems will cause us to add restrictions.

  • No Gods, Demons, Angels, Real Historical Figures, Royalty, Nobility, or Full-Blooded Outlanders are allowed as Player Characters. The first four are not even allowed as NPCs.

  • No Time-altering magics or Dimension-travelling magics allowed.

  • Technology that will change society as a whole (telephones) or if it is something that will be used for war needs to be discussed and approved with moderators before coming into play.